Mark 10 Shooting Range Safety Measures

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The most vital element of consideration in a shooting is safety – of oneself and others. As Tri-City’s 1st digital lane shooting range we strictly abide by the highest standards of safety guidelines and require every shooter in our range to adhere to the same.

The first step of preparation for the shooting is a thorough knowledge of firearms safety rules. The guidelines listed below will help you get started.

  • Handle every firearm as if it were fully loaded.
  • Use the safety switch but assume that it is not working.
  • Know what your target is and what lies beyond it.
  • Don’t touch the trigger until absolutely ready to shoot.
  • Point the gun/pistol in a safe direction. It is not a toy.
  • Learn how to load and unload.
  • Wear proper protective gear for eyes and ears.
  • Keep the firearm unloaded when not in use.
  • Your firearm must be properly functioning at all times. Faulty guns/pistols could be potentially dangerous.
  • Check the barrel for any blockage before firing to avoid untoward incident.
  • Always fire from the firing line only.
  • Keep to your firing lane.
  • Make sure you are loading the firearm with the right ammunition.
  • Familiarize yourself with the mechanical design and specifications of the firearm.
  • Be calm and focused to avoid any mishap.

Shooting is truly one of the greatest sports that gives unmatched exhilaration to the shooter. Being NRAI certified we put the safety of our shooters above everything else and these safety tips have been shared with the intent of making shooting a safer and more pleasurable sport for everyone.

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